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To obtain information about your shipment, you will need your consignment number. For verification purposes, we will ask for the zip code associated with your shipment. If you do not have the consignment data, we kindly ask you to contact the sender.

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Before delivery
When will my shipment arrive? How will I be informed about the status?

You can view the delivery date and time window of your shipment via the tracking link we have sent you by email to the address we received from your online store. There you can also check the current location of your delivery and contact our customer support.

If you do not have the tracking link, you can call up the shipment tracking here with your 16-digit shipment number .

If you do not have the tracking number, please contact your online store.

How often will you try to deliver the shipment?

We will try at least twice to deliver your shipment. If delivery is not successful, the parcel will be sent back to the online retailer.

Can I still change my address?

In principle, we can change addresses if they are located in our delivery area.

However, whether we are permitted to change an address varies from retailer to retailer. If delivery to the originally selected address is not possible, you can contact your online retailer.

Alternatively, we offer neighbor delivery or delivery to a secure storage location.

My delivery address is incomplete. What can I do?

Minimal changes, such as the correction of a misspelled letter, can usually be made without the sender's separate permission.

A complete change of the delivery address is possible under certain circumstances. See "Can I still change my address?"

How can I send information to the drivers?

You are welcome to enter important information for the delivery in your tracking link, such as details of a preferred neighbor.

Alternatively, you can contact us via the tracking link.

I am not on site when the shipment arrives. What can I do?

By default, we will always try to deliver your parcel personally first. If this is not possible, we will try a neighbor.

If the delivery is unsuccessful, we will usually make a second delivery attempt on the next working day.

You also have the option of selecting alternative delivery options via your tracking link, such as a secure drop-off location or a desired neighborhood delivery.

What is a secure storage location?

A secure drop-off location allows our drivers to drop off your parcel even if you are not at home.

A secure drop-off location must not be publicly accessible and must be located on the property of the address originally provided. It should also be protected from the weather and accessible to our drivers.

The secure drop-off location can be specified using the "Change drop-off location" function in the tracking link.

How can I designate a neighbor for delivery?

You can assign a desired neighbor via your tracking link.

The delivery can be made to neighbors in the same or an adjacent house.

Can I select a preferred delivery time?

We are currently working flat out to give you this opportunity in the near future.

Can you deliver to a parcel store or Packstation?

Unfortunately, we do not currently deliver to parcel stores, packing stations or post offices.

The delivery is delayed. What has happened?

As a delivery company, our primary goal is to ensure that our customers receive their parcels on time and without any problems.

However, in some cases this may not be possible due to unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, we recommend checking your tracking link regularly to track the status of your parcel and the expected delivery date.

My consignment could not be delivered. What happens now?

We will try to deliver your parcel a second time as quickly as possible. We will contact you by email with all the details, especially if our drivers have identified a problem with the address.

If the delivery is unsuccessful again, the parcel will be sent back to the online retailer.

There was a problem with my address. What happens now?

You should have already received an email from us explaining all the next steps.

Please contact us via the tracking link if you need assistance with this.

My parcel has apparently been lost in the delivery process. What do I have to do?

Please contact the sender, as only the sender can carry out any reshipment of the goods or refunds.

The request must be made by you as the recipient.

If you have any further questions, our Customer Happiness Team will be happy to help.

After delivery
My parcel was marked as delivered, but I have not received it. What happens now?

You can find all information regarding the whereabouts of the delivery in your tracking link. For example, if we have delivered your shipment to a neighbor, you will find the corresponding name there.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Simply contact us via the tracking link.

My parcel is damaged. What can I do?

Please contact our customer support so that we can forward the incident internally for quality assurance.

If the contents of the delivery are also affected by the damage, we would kindly ask you to contact the sender. They can reimburse you for the item or, if necessary, resend the goods.

A parcel was delivered to me even though I canceled it.

Cancellations do not always reach us in time before we can stop the delivery.

In such a case, we would ask you to return the shipment using the return slip provided by the online retailer. Unfortunately, collection is not possible.

Do you offer returns?

At Liefergrün we attach great importance to environmentally friendly premium deliveries. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible for us to offer returns.

Of course, you can also return your Liefergrün shipment with another shipping service provider. Simply contact your online store.

There was no return slip in my parcel. Can you send me one?

As we do not offer returns, we unfortunately do not have the possibility to create a suitable return label.

Please contact the sender to obtain a return label.

My parcel is not at the specified drop-off location. What happens now?

If the parcel is not at the location you have chosen, please check the information we have left for you in your tracking link. We have recorded where the parcel is located there.

If you still cannot find your parcel, you can contact our customer support via the tracking link.

Further questions
Do you offer live tracking?

You can check the status of your shipment at any time via your tracking link. Accurate live tracking will be available soon.

Can I collect the parcel from you?

Collection from one of our distribution centers is not possible for logistical reasons. However, you are welcome to enter a storage location or desired neighbor in your tracking link in case you are absent.

What happens if the parcel is returned to the sender?

Of course, we want all shipments to reach their recipients. However, if this is not the case, the order will be canceled in your customer account as soon as the package has been returned to the sender and the purchase amount will be credited to you. If you have any further questions, please contact the sender.

Why did I receive a call from one of your drivers?

Most online stores provide us with a cell phone number for the shipment.

Our drivers are required to contact recipients via the telephone number provided when ordering in the event of unexpected delivery difficulties, such as blocked or difficult-to-find access to the accommodation unit.

About us
Am I doing something good with my delivery?

Yes, every single delivery contributes to our vision of building a logistics network that respects both the environment and people.

And you are already saving emissions with your delivery.

What are your values?

We have been pioneering sustainable parcel delivery since 2020. With a large fleet of electric vehicles and an extensive charging infrastructure, we have changed the market by making green deliveries accessible to everyone, not just as a premium service.

Our commitment goes beyond sustainability. We value fast, friendly and reliable service, as evidenced by our high public ratings. With every delivery comes a smile, without compromise to the planet.

How do you differ from other delivery services?

We are building our fleet emission-free from the ground up and give our partners the promise of emission-free delivery.

In contrast to other shipping methods labeled as "green", emissions are not only offset, but not emitted in the first place.

Where do you deliver?

We are already active in many cities and regions in Germany and Austria, including Berlin, Hamburg, the Ruhr area and Vienna.

What are your delivery times?

Almost all of our deliveries are made from Monday to Saturday between 11 am and 7 pm.

In rare exceptional cases and after consultation with your online store, we also deliver until 10 pm.

Why does my favorite online store not yet offer green delivery?

We work every day to make environmentally friendly delivery options accessible to as many people as possible. Is your favorite online store not yet listed? Let us know and we will try to change that!

It is also helpful if you inform your online store about green delivery. Not all retailers know that such a sustainable and customer-oriented shipping alternative exists.

How do you process and store my data?

As a delivery service, we receive personal data such as cell phone numbers or e-mail addresses from our clients. We use this data exclusively for order processing for the delivery of goods.

Any processing of this data is only carried out in accordance with the business and data protection guidelines of the respective client.

Read more in our privacy policy