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If you want to contact us, you can easily do so by creating a support request via the tracking link.

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About my delivery

When will my delivery arrive?
You can find the delivery date and time window in your tracking link. Look under the item "Estimated delivery".
Where is my delivery?
You can see the location of your delivery from the status bar.
What does my consignment status mean?
The shipment status shows you where your delivery is.

In process:
Your delivery is being processed by the online retailer in the warehouse and will be handed over to us shortly.

On the way:
We have picked up your package from the online retailer and are preparing it for delivery.

Your package has been successfully delivered. Either to you personally, at the specified drop-off location, or to your designated neighbor.

Your package could not be delivered. We will contact you by e-mail regarding the further procedure.
How will I be informed about the status of my delivery?
You can see the delivery date and time window from your tracking link. Look under the item "Estimated delivery". We will also inform you about status changes by e-mail. So you always know exactly where your package is and when you can expect it.
How are your delivery times?
We deliver Monday to Saturday between 10 am and 10 pm.
When will the time window of my delivery be set?
As long as your package is being processed by the online merchant, you will only see the delivery day in your tracking link. When the package is handed over to us, we can calculate a time window for the specified delivery day. This happens as soon as the delivery status changes to "On the way".

Change delivery

How can I select a secure drop-off location?
The safe deposit location can be set using the "Change deposit location" function in the tracking link.
Who can I designate as a neighbor?
The delivery can be made to neighbors in the same or one of the adjacent houses.
What is a secure storage location?
A secure storage location must not be publicly accessible. It should also be dry and accessible to our drivers.
How can I designate a neighbor for delivery?
You can request the delivery of your package to a neighbor via a support request in the tracking link.

Problems with the delivery

My delivery could not be delivered. What now?
We will try to deliver your package a second time as soon as possible. We will contact you by email with all the details. If the delivery is not successful again, the package will be sent back to the online retailer.
I don't know what happened to my delivery.
You will always find all information about your delivery bundled in the tracking link. If a package is delivered in your absence, we will drop a notification card in your mailbox. If you still don't know what happened to your delivery, you can always contact our customer support via the tracking link.
The parcel is not at the specified drop-off location.
If the package is not at the location you selected, please check the notification card we left for you. There we have recorded where the package is. If you still can't find your package, you can contact our customer support via the tracking link.


Returns with Sendit.Green

Does Sendit.Green offer returns?
In principle, yes, but not yet with all online retailers. You can see whether you can return your order with delivery green in the tracking link in the field "Request return".
How do returns work with Sendit.Green?
You can order returns via the tracking link. Here you will find a booking form in which you can specify a time slot of your choice and the pickup address. We will then conveniently pick up the return from you and send you a tracking link with which you can track your return.
Can I change the pick-up time window later?
Yes, you can change the pick-up time window in your tracking link up to a certain point.
What if I am not at home at the time of collection?
You do not have to deliver the return personally. Similar to delivery, you can specify a location where we will pick up your package in your absence.

About Sendit.Green


Which online retailers can I have delivered with delivery green?
New online retailers are connected on a regular basis. We have presented some of them in the case studies.
Why doesn't my favorite online retailer offer deliveries with delivery greens?
We work every day to make sustainable supplies available to as many people as possible. Your favorite store is not yet included? Feel free to let us know and we'll try to change that!
In which cities does Sendit.Green deliver?
We are already on the road in over 40 cities throughout Germany. These include Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Dresden, Leipzig, Stuttgart, the Rhineland, the Ruhr region and many more. Take a look at the map on our homepage .


Am I doing something good with my delivery?
Yes, every single delivery contributes to our vision of building a logistics network that respects the environment and people alike. And even now you save emissions with your delivery.
Are emission-free deliveries the only thing that makes Sendit.Green sustainable?
No, it starts with emission-free deliveries, but it doesn't stop there. We are carbon neutral throughout the company and are certified by Planetly. Our whole spirit is sustainable.
Why does Sendit.Green also deliver with vans?
We love cargo bikes and use them wherever possible. Unfortunately, there are not yet as many of them as we need. That's why we switch to electric vans. They are also 100% emission-free and also contribute to our vision.
What distinguishes Sendit.Green from other shipping service providers?
We build our fleet from the ground up with zero emissions and promise our partners zero-emissions delivery. Unlike other shipping methods labeled as "green," emissions are not only offset, but not emitted in the first place.
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