H&M Group relies on delivery greenery

Internationally, the H&M Group is the second largest fast fashion chain and in Germany, too, the Swedish fashion chain is one of the most popular clothing stores. According to a survey of users of fashion online stores in Germany, H&M's brand awareness is 95%. In Germany alone, the H&M Group employs around 9,600 people in more than 440 stores. The annual parcel deliveries carried out by the H&M group and the associated emissions that need to be avoided are correspondingly high. 

The challenge

The H&M Group has set itself the goal of reducing emissions within the entire value chain by 56% by 2030 and achieving a net zero footprint by 2040. In addition to switching to renewable energy and improving energy efficiency, work to restore biodiversity and switch to a circular economy in the fashion industry will also help reduce its own environmental footprint. 

Fashion brands and other retailers deliver thousands of parcels in city centers every day. This is where the majority of all emissions from parcel shipping occur. This is precisely why it is important for retailers to optimize their logistics infrastructure and contribute to reducing noise and pollutants in urban areas.

The big challenge for the H&M Group is to find an appropriate partner who can reliably implement these goals and also deliver a very high volume of parcels on a sustainable basis. 

The solution 

In order to reduce the environmental impact of parcel shipping in cities, the H&M Group has decided to include delivery greenery in its service offering in Berlin, Hamburg and Vienna. This is intended to help move closer to the goal of avoiding emissions and reducing noise and particulate pollution.

The technological component is essential here to ensure a smooth process for all parties involved - customers, retailers and suppliers. 

After an order is placed with H&M, Delivery Green uses a specially developed algorithm to calculate the optimal delivery route. Factors such as distance and package size are taken into account to plan an ideal tour with the appropriate vehicle - without unnecessary detours. Delivery Green uses only zero-emission vehicles such as e-vans or electric cargo bikes. Customers can then follow the entire delivery process online using live tracking and flexibly plan their delivery for the same day, late evening or even the next day as a day or evening delivery. With greater control over the shopping and delivery process, customers are no longer dependent on uncertain delivery times and can experience a personalized and straightforward experience.

The results

By working with Delivery Green, the H&M Group offers customers an all-around smooth and, above all, sustainable delivery experience, which makes it possible to promise next-day delivery despite late cut-off times. Reliable live GPS tracking gives customers* more control over the shopping and delivery process, allowing them to personalize and conveniently transact without having to worry about uncertain delivery times. By using only electric-powered vans and cargo bikes, the delivery is 100% emission-free. 

"Our goal is to lead the change towards a more sustainable fashion future and to offer customers the best possible experience. This includes sustainable, flexible and customer-centric logistics, which we want to develop further together with ambitious partnerships. Theyoung tech company Liefergrün has convinced us with its approach, its logistics know-how and its technology, so that we are now jointly tackling the last mile in selected cities," explains Daniel Kusibojovski, Regional Logistics Transport Manager Central Europe, H&M Group .

Due to the successful cooperation between the H&M Group and Liefergrün in the cities of Vienna, Berlin and Hamburg, plans for expansion in other cities are already under discussion. 

The advantages 

  • Reduction of last-mile emissions by 86%. 
  • Emission-free delivery with e-vans or electric-powered cargo bikes
  • Next-Day Delivery Solution 
  • On-time and reliable live GPS tracking of parcel delivery

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