Aeyde's new premium delivery concept.

High quality products, responsible shipping 

Aeyde takes the shopping experience to a new level with premium delivery concept. 

Ayde is an internationally successful label that produces luxury quality accessories and shoes at fair prices. As a direct-to-customer brand based in Berlin, Ayede draws on its family-run production facility in Italy for production. The company was founded in 2015 by Luise Dames and Constantin Langholz-Baikousis with the goal of building a brand that offers modern design and high quality at affordable prices. Aeyde challenges the pervasive notions of luxury and focuses on transparent pricing, sustainable resources, conscious consumption and minimal durable design. This positions the company in the industry as a responsible fashion brand. 


The Aeyde brand stands for conscious and respectful shopping. Aeyde redefines luxury and creates a special shopping experience for customers with high-quality, sustainable products and high transparency in the production process. 

As a direct-to-consumer brand, Aeyde focuses on digital-first. This means that the company generates the majority of its sales through its own online shop. The shipping of orders is therefore largely responsible for the success of the shopping experience. Aeyde has high expectations of its own processes and equally high expectations of the partners with whom the label works: 

"Our goal was to find a delivery partner with whom we could create a consistent shopping experience. Traditional parcel service providers didn't meet our sustainability and customer-friendliness requirements."


Through the partnership with Liefergrün, Aeyde can benefit from emission-free deliveries and maximum customer-friendliness in shipping. 

The integration of Sendit.Green as a shipping option to the Aeyde online shop went seamlessly. 

The new delivery concept ensures a maximum delivery experience. Shipping with delivery green allows Aeyde customers to try on their items ordered online in front of their own mirrors just a little later, because with the help of super-fast same-day delivery, orders reach shoppers in just a few hours. With this solution, Aeyde can avoid purchase cancellations due to excessively long delivery times.

For Aeyde's customers, sustainability has long since ceased to be a trend. They store responsibly and place great value on quality. With Liefergrün, Aeyde can take responsibility for climate-damaging shipping and now offer emission-free inner-city shipping. Liefergrün relies on a mix of electrically powered city vans and cargo bikes.

"Shipping with delivery green finally more than meets our standards for transparency, sustainability and customer*friendliness." 


With the connection of Sendit.Green, the shopping experience does not end in the online shop, but only when the parcel has reached the customer's doorstep.

Aeyde's delivery concept convinces with new features:

Zero emission delivery

As a pioneer in the industry, Aeyde can save 600 grams of CO2 per package and thus set another example. 

Next Day Deliveries:

With the Next-Day delivery solution, Ayede can deliver to customers the next day. This means that the order can be tried on in front of your own mirror within hours.

Live Tracking Link: Aeyde enhances the shopping experience with the live tracking link. The excitement at the 

Shopping can thus be maintained until the successful delivery of the package.

The emission-free, customer-friendly delivery was initially carried out in Berlin and is to be expanded to other cities in Germany in the near future. Aeyde's understanding of luxury is now reflected in the entire shopping experience and shipping is valued as part of the shopping experience.

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