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Time critical deliveries

According to the ApoG §11a, the shipment of the ordered drug must take place within two working days after receipt of the order at the most, provided that this is available.


Same-Day & Next-Day Delivery

With Liefergrün, you can not only offer your customers next-day and even same-day delivery, which guarantees delivery within 24 hours of receipt of order, the whole thing is also completely emission-free. In addition, your customers are given the option of setting a two-hour time window for delivery, so that the pharmaceutical products can be delivered by us personally and promptly to the recipient. This gives you the opportunity to prevent any complications regarding the delivery and to guarantee your customers the full customer experience.


Prescription orders

The delivery of prescription drugs requires a high degree of reliability and security. In accordance with the requirements (ApoG §11a), it must be possible to ensure that the medicines ordered are handed over to the person designated for this purpose. This means that delivery may only be made to third parties with the agreement of the person placing the order.


E-recipe ready to go

When handing over parcels containing prescription medicines, we ensure that the order is delivered safely and reliably to the intended person. We offer that transport insurance is taken out for the transport of the medicines and a free second delivery is set up. This avoids, if desired, delivery to third parties and the customer receives his delivery on time and personally from us.


Smooth and reliable delivery

To ensure smooth and reliable delivery according to specifications, essential characteristics must be met.


Timely track & trace

We inform your customers regularly and in real time about the status of the delivery through the established tracking system to guarantee a smooth delivery. Our support is available for questions regarding the delivery, by phone or online, within minutes. A quality assurance system (according to ApoG § 11a) ensures that the medicines to be shipped from the pharmacy are safely packed, transported and delivered.


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