Shipping as part of the shopping

Sustainability and short delivery times have become crucial factors for a successful shopping experience.

Mastering the challenges of the industry with supply green


Potential purchase cancellations due to excessively long delivery times

Customers prefer to try on their desired items directly. Excessively long delivery times lead to abandoned purchases.


Super Fast Same-Day & Next-Day Deliveries

With our same-day and next-day delivery, your customers can try on their order in front of their own mirror within hours. With delivery green it is possible to deliver to the customer within 24 hours after receipt of order. In addition, customers have the option of choosing a secure drop-off location themselves to ensure successful delivery even if they are unable to accept the delivery in person. Instead of running to the nearest parcel store, we deliver again personally. This way we help you to increase your conversion rate.


Sustainability is no longer just a trend

Today's customers expect more than CO2 compensation. They expect their favorite brands to really take responsibility.


Zero emission instead of just compensation

We deliver your parcels emission-free. To do this, we rely on a mix of cargo bikes and electrically powered city vans.


Returns process

A time-consuming returns process not only frustrates your customers, but also results in longer return times.


Pick-up solution in time windows

Our pick-up solution makes returns as easy as receiving parcels. The personal pick-up of your customers' returns can be flexibly planned by yourself. Using the tracking link that your customers receive when they place their order, they can decide for themselves when they want us to pick up their package for return. No hassle at all and from the comfort of your own home. This significantly reduces the average return time for orders.

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We create a delivery experience that exactly meets the individual requirements of your industry and inspires your customers.

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More than just shipping - green delivery is part of the shopping experience.


We deliver an experience to your customers - safely and reliably.


For deliveries with the highest demands on safety.

Cooking boxes

Next-Day deliveries guarantee freshness to the door.

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Individual challenges

Our experience in various industries enables us to react flexibly to the most diverse challenges.


You want to send your deliveries directly from the stores? We offer individual solutions for every logistics concept.

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*We save 600g CO2 per pack