Clear the stage for the newcomers!

Don't we all love it when lots of people order from us? When our e-commerce goes really well? And our customers finally get the package they've been waiting for? 

As nice as that is and as happy as it makes us, the increasing volume of parcels is worrying - because for our environment, every parcel that emits CO2 is one too many. But it's not just our environmental awareness that is increasing, but also the needs of our customers. We have already summarized what these include for you here.

We already know of logistics service providers that act in a more progressive way - such as DHL GoGreen or Hermes with electric vans. But one question still remains: How sustainable are these shipping service providers really? How well do they meet the new customer requirements(accurate information on delivery times, fast deliveries, simple returns)? 

The answers: Not very sustainable and not very good. You can read more about this in our big comparison article. That's why it's time for new, innovative parcel service providers. They know exactly what's important these days and don't do any more damage to the environment. They may not yet be as widespread as DHL, Hermes and the like - but that doesn't mean they're worse. On the contrary! 

Ready for something new?

This is a question that all parcel service providers who have not yet focused on innovations such as sustainable shipping should be asking themselves. After all, parcel volumes increased by 400 million shipments in 2020 - that's 10.9% more parcels than the year before. 

This means that something has to happen. The CEP industry is ready for more innovative parcel service providers who are aware of their responsibility to the environment and are more responsive to customer needs. 

It is not uncommon for local shipping service providers to be unable to deliver a package because a time window delivery is not possible. Dropping off at a neighbor's because the recipient is not there can cause discontent. That's why the demand for time window delivery is higher than ever: 72% of respondents to a pwc study said that specifying a possible time window plays a role for them. 

Sustainable delivery is also very important to 82% of respondents to a population survey. But here, too, traditional shipping service providers have some catching up to do... Fortunately, we can now choose between several innovative parcel service providers - who know exactly what we want. And close the gap in the market left by the big players: 

Sustainable Route Logistics

The top 7 for sustainable logistics

The usual shipping service providers? We know them. So it's time to take a closer look at the "new ones". We looked around, asked around and got inspired: At seven companies that prioritise innovative logistics.  

Our focus is on sustainable efforts, fast and uncomplicated deliveries and tapped markets - just like our customers: 

Dropp: Ambitious, fresh, fast

Berlin-based startup Dropp has been shaking up the logistics market since 2021 with an ambitious promise: "We deliver eCommerce orders within 3 hours." Dropp thus joins the ranks of business models à la Gorillas and Flink. The focus is on speed and flexibility. So customers* can also choose 2-hour slots from Monday to Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., in which they receive their package. Unsuccessful delivery attempts? Good riddance! 

One of the founders, Alessa Vogler, also describes in a LinkedIn post that as an "online shopaholic" she knows exactly how annoying it can be to order online. A lack of flexibility and long delivery times are just two of the things that could be improved. 

For whom is Dropp the right solution? 

Are you looking for a sustainable shipping service provider? Then Dropp can be a very good choice for you. On the one hand, the startup is extremely customer-oriented and responds to their requirements. On the other hand, the fast delivery in three hours is an absolute plus for all those who can hardly wait for their package. Thanks to microhubs and cargo bikes, there are also no emissions. The only downside is that the startup only offers its services in three German cities so far. 

Instabox: New concept, new challenges

The Swedish shipping service provider Instabox also advertises that its customers are more satisfied thanks to it. This is probably due to the same-day delivery and the tracking code, among other things. 

Instabox offers fast delivery, so that the parcels are delivered to the desired location on the same day. With one difference to other parcel service providers: the customers have to pick up the parcels at a parcel station specially set up by Instabox. There, the respective box (hence the name) can be opened with a code tailored to the package and the package removed. 

This saves Instabox individual trips, a lot of time and has all the parcels in one place. Customers, in turn, don't have to wait in line to receive their parcel, as is the case with conventional parcel acceptance stations, but can pick it up quickly thanks to the code. The startup is only active in Sweden so far, but is currently expanding to Germany, among other countries. 

For whom is Instabox the right solution?

Instabox offers uncomplicated deliveries that have a major advantage: Emissions are saved that would otherwise be emitted during individual deliveries. This is a great relief, especially for suppliers who suffer from increasing parcel volumes: Instead of driving to several houses, they "only" have to fill several boxes. 

Unlike Dropp or Liefergrün, for example, Instabox does not offer doorstep delivery. Customers have to make the trip themselves and hope that the parcel box is near them. Also, the largest locker is 40x40x60cm - you have to keep that in mind if you decide to use Instabox. 

Budbee: Sweden makes it

Budbee is similar to Instabox. The company was also founded in Sweden and also offers same-day or next-day delivery. The customer service is also available from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and packages are also delivered until the evening, which largely avoids unsuccessful delivery attempts. Budbee also claims to deliver to up to 25 million people every day. 

Another advantage: the sustainable efforts. Since 2020, Budbee has been using what it claims is the greenest terminal when it comes to the last mile. More than 80% of the roof is covered with solar panels. The resulting electricity is used for the terminal itself and Budbee's fleet of electric vehicles. Energy self-sufficient? Easily done! Freight bikes are also on the road in Stockholm, Copenhagen and the like, ensuring that customers have their goods delivered to their doorsteps. Including live tracking, a 1-hour time window, and pickup of the return at home. 

For whom is Budbee the right solution?

Budbee offers a lot of things that our customers are missing from traditional shipping service providers today: time window delivery, flexibility, sustainability and speed. So far, so good. However, Budbee does not yet deliver in Germany. So it's a case of wait and see. Or opt for one of the innovative parcel service providers that already cover all requirements... 

Innovative parcel logistics

Angel Last Mile: Here the customer is king

"Personal. Convenient. Sustainable." These are the three words that first appear to us on the homepage of the Hamburg-based start-up. Their secret tip, which they confidently share with us: "We consistently focus on recipients." 

Angel Last Mile seems to have grasped what the "big" shipping service providers are missing. And ensures that all customers get what they want: same-day delivery, delivery at the desired time and delivery with live tracking to the door. What is special about Angel Last Mile is that they primarily do not use their own new vehicles, but rely on the free capacities of existing premium logistics providers. In this way, vehicles are used to the full and do not wait uselessly for the next tour. The goal they are pursuing with this: More efficiency in the logistics industry. 

For whom is Angel Last Mile the right solution?

Do you care about sustainability and want to make your last mile as green as possible? Then Angel Last Mile is a good - if not the best - choice for you. Although the company is present in 40 German cities, some CO2 is still emitted during transport. Here you have to weigh up for yourself whether you prefer to support a company that produces no emissions at all or whether you support the complete use of combustion engines. 

Urbify: "We deliver smiles".

The Berlin-based company is committed to delivering smiles. No wonder: After all, they make their customers happier, and thanks to same-day or next-day delivery, they get their parcel even faster. If you order before midnight, you will receive your order the next day. If same-day delivery is selected, the whole thing goes even faster. 

Continuous tracking of the package is also part of Urbify's standard products, as well as the optional selection of a one-hour desired time window. One fact that deserves a very positive mention is the incentive system for suppliers. A specially developed bonus system motivates them to meet customer requirements in the best possible way. So that everyone - not just the suppliers - is happy at the end of the day. 

For whom is Urbify the right solution?   

Yes, Urbify fortunately pays a lot of attention to the needs of our customers. The time window is a very good innovation, as is the fast delivery. But while the well-being of suppliers is also a top priority, the company lacks sustainability. They focus on an optimal customer experience and offer sophisticated, scalable software - but neglect the environment because they neither compensate nor try to use cargo bikes.  


An equally innovative parcel service provider developed in Dubai in 2015. According to its website, Paack helps companies create "incredible delivery experiences". Doesn't that sound promising? 

Paack now delivers to four countries, unfortunately not including Germany. But customers in over 70 cities in the UK, France, Spain and Portugal can look forward to deliveries tailored to their needs. Paack has also recognized that time window deliveries are the new standard on the market. True to their motto "Time matters". 

For whom is Paack the right solution?

You want to offer your customers customized deliveries? Allow them time slots of two hours each for delivery? And let them both track the delivery and rate it afterwards? Then you might consider Paack - provided you don't (only) deliver in Germany.  

Sendit.Green: deliveries that inspire

Yes, we also join the ranks of the newcomers. What makes us special? Our commitment to making the last mile a green last mile. We combine sustainability through emission-free delivery with meeting other customer requirements. For example, we have been delivering with environmentally friendly electric vans and cargo bikes right from the start. 

We also know how flexible customers want to be; and give them the option to choose delivery windows. We also know how annoying it can be to wait for the package; and offer next-day deliveries. Customer inquiries are answered within 10 minutes and live tracking does its part to delight customers.

For whom is Sendit.Green the right solution?

Honestly? For you :) No, but seriously: You are aware of our environment and want to keep the CO2 footprint of your company as low as possible? At the same time, you want to make your customers as happy as possible - preferably without compromises? Then please contact us. We not only deliver your customers their packages, but also the complete package for shipping that inspires.

Innovative parcel service provider

Which newcomer do I trust with my parcels?

Depending on what you (and your customers) focus on, different logistics service providers come into question. Budbee and Paack, for example, are only an option if you want to deliver abroad. Will this change in the future? Certainly! Until then, it is called: Look elsewhere. 

Instabox inspires with a new concept that is secure and practical. The disadvantage: the customer has to walk to a parcel box... Convenient? It's not. Good for the environment and the drivers? Definitely!

Dropp, Angel Last Mile, Urbify and we at Liefergrün have a different approach: We believe that delivery should be as convenient as possible for customers. Delivery windows, live tracking and the like are no longer a "can", but a "must". 

But there are differences here as well: Dropp, for example, only delivers to three German cities so far, while we are already present in 30 cities in Germany - and the trend is rising. Angel Last Mile and Urbify have also expanded their network well, but they are not quite as progressive in terms of transport modes: neither of them relies on environmentally friendly vehicles. 

When we look at Angel Last Mile and Urbify, we might get the impression that meeting customer needs and sustainability are incompatible. At Delivery Green, we promise to respond to customer requests within 10 minutes, offer live tracking, next-day delivery and home pickup, AND use only zero-emission delivery methods. 

So if you are still looking for a new parcel service provider... Feel free to contact us. Contact with us :) We hope this article has helped you!

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